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We are proud to announce Lanny Stacy as our lead tech support specialist!

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LANNY STACY, sixteen years Comdial Technical Support! For those of you who have not had the privilege of working with Lanny before, he comes from Comdial as the main "go to guy" on all of the products. His vast knowledge and his incredible troubleshooting ability, placed him as Comdial's Senior Technical Support Specialist/Engineering Liaison on their Escalation Team.

We provide the best consulting and support on all Comdial products from techs that are considered the best and most experienced in the country. Everyone is welcome! No certification needed. We will talk you through everything from the basics to advanced programming. We will take your call with little to no hold time, scheduled service available for your tech on site and guaranteed callbacks! Now offering on-site service in the Philadelphia area.

Featuring Lanny Stacy as lead tech support specialist on all supported products!



We charge 25.00 per quarter hour, quarter hour minimum. We also offer a pre-pay price of 20.00 per quarter hour if you would like to pay in advance and save! Our hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday EST and we are time zone friendly! (Overtime rates apply outside of these hours) Now accepting major credit cards for tech support and equipment purchases.



Offering support on all revisions of Comdial systems. From DX80, XE, Unisyn, DSU, DSUII, DXP, DXP Plus, Impact FX-96, Impact FXS, Impact FXT, Impact FXII-96/480, MP5000, QuickQ, and Concierge. As well as all Comdial/Key Voice voicemail systems including the COB(corp office blade) DOS based Debut, Small Office Lite, Small Office and Windows based Corporate Office and Interchange. Database conversions of DXP to FX etc., and preprogrammed systems for plug and play installs. Call us for all of your tech support needs.





We also have FTP server access with over 10 gig of software and tech documents. Everything from first release to present release!